28-07-2016: Italy and Belgium to claim victory in the opening day of "8 nations group U17M" (English)

Belgium - Spain 3-1 (25-18, 25-11, 24-26, 26-24)

Belgium: D'Heer 24, Mc Cluskey 3, Rotty 11, Plaskie 18, Vanhelmont 9, Catteuw 10, Theys 2, Verbruggen (L), Ocket. N.E. Hooft, Perin, Vanhove. De Boeck (1st Coach), Van Peer (2nd Coach).

Spain: Alonso 5, Saucedo 14, Cuquerella 6, Ferrari 5, Mico 6, Torres 2, Olalla 1, Villar, Mateu, Mellado (L). N.E. Gonzalez, Pascual. Vicedo (1st Coach), Taboada (2nd Coach).

Benjamin Vicedo, Spain coach: "Despite the result I am confident that we can face the next matches of the tournament with the same spirit. Our team could train more intensely only last week especially but I am satisfied with their attitude trying to give it all in each set. We  will do our utmost. Belgium have very strong opponents, I tried to put in the best players in order to respond efficiently to that. It's just the beginning, we'll keep on doing our best."

Wim De Boeck, Belgium coach: "We played well, the firts two sets especially. In the third and the fourth one we did some mistakes and allowed Spain to come back. They are a strong team indeed and I believe they might get even better results across the tournament. I am very satisfied with this win, I hope we will keep on like this. Belgium have a solid and balanced team, thanks also to more experienced players - like Wout D'Heer, middle blocker - who are able to 'glue' and inspire the side. Despite all, the key strategy remains the team-playing: individuality isn't fruitful at all."

Italy-Nederland 3-0 (25-11, 25-11, 25-22)

Italy: Pedrinelli 1, Disabato 5, Falgari 15, Leoni 11, Stefani 1, Dal Corso 12, Gianotti 4, Scardia 3, Catania (L), Ferrato, Biasotto, Stefani. N.E. Pol. Barbiero (1st coach), Morganti (2nd coach).

Nederland: Bak 3, Brilhuis 11, Macnack 1, Damen 7, Van Muijden 2, Hofhuis 1, De Groot (L), Smulders (L), Schols, Zomer, Klein Teeselink. N.E. Tavenier. Ringenaldus (1st coach), Donker (2nd coach).

Nils Ringenaldus, Netherland coach: "We still need to learn more about our opponents. We don’t know so much about them. Italy are a strong team, but we still tried to give it all. We keep on doing our best. Despite Netherland are a strong team too, there is still a lot of work to be done to grow and become more united. We'll see in the next two years what is to come. I am very confident. We will keep on being focussed and committed."

Mario Barbiero, Italy coach: "I am really satisfied with the result, the opening match is always tough for many reasons. It  was the first time we have been playing at such an international level. Stress and fear may be understandable. My players did face and quickly overcame them, playing well in the first two sets especially. But there is still some work to be done, we can improve definitively. I saw a good level performance overall today. Belgium are a great team with a valuable middle blocker along with a good setter and spiker. Netherlands are showing to be impressiveeven though they have just started their journey. I believe they will achieve better results. The Spanish side are a tough one with patience as their key strategy which demands special care and focus from us. We should pay more more attention on same aspects we missed today but I do understand the boys really strive on mantaining their focus for more than an hour. It's not that simple. We were good on blocks but we should work on serving and attack."


28-07-2016: #8nationsgroupu17m Benjamin Vicedo (1 allenatore Spagna) after Bel-Esp https://youtu.be/3TaSO6nNH2Q
28-07-2016: #8nationsgroupu17m De Boeck Wim (1 allenatore Belgio) after Bel-Esp https://youtu.be/z6w9O-N01d0
28-07-2016: #8nationsgroupu17m Ringenaldus Niels (1st coach Olanda) after Ita-Ned https://youtu.be/7_cY3P1pM24
28-07-2016: #8nationsgroupu17m Mario Barbiero (1st coach Italia) after Ita-Ned https://youtu.be/OPKvxj89zlY

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