26-07-2016: ​Mario Barbiero: “We are focused on going for the best result” (English)

Mario Barbiero: “We are focused on going for the best result”

Ostuni, still celebrating the recent promotion of its volleyball team into Serie B (the third level of the Italian Male Volleyball League), is going to host the 2016 CEV 8 Nations Group U17M tournament from July 28-31. Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain will contest vying for the title. The eventual winner will be candidate to join the 2017 CEV U17 Volleyball European Championship. In accordance with the schedule, the teams will compete with a round-robin pool play over four competition days with two matches per day (3:30 PM – 6:30 PM) at the city venue in Viale dello Sport, Ostuni. The finals for the 1 st and the 3 rd Place will be held on next Sunday at 3:30 PM and at 6:30 PM respectively. All the matches are to be broadcasted live on .
While Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain are coming on July 27, Italy coached by Mario Barbiero is currently training in Locorotondo, Bari. The side is made up of 14 athletes (the so called ‘Azzurrini’), including two players from Apulia as well: Ludovico Scardia and Piervito Disabato. “This training period” Mr. Barbiero said “is progressing, the location we are housed in (Istituto Basile-Caramia, Locorotondo) offers the most suitable place to help best prepare us to the tournament. The boys are very inclined to work and happy with it. Concerning the event, we still need to be familiar with our opponents. We don’t know each other yet. We’ve got a team full of young promising talents with outstanding results at both provincial and regional level in National Youth volleyball scenario. This is going to be a constructive experience indeed. We are focused on going for the best result”.


(Palazzetto Viale dello Sport, Ostuni)

Thursday, July 28
3:30 PM: Belgium-Spain
6:30 PM: Italy-Netherlands

Friday, July 29
3:30 PM: Spain-Netherlands
6:30 PM: Belgium-Italy

Saturday, July 30
3:30 PM: Netherlands-Belgium
6:30 PM: Spain-Italy

Sunday, July 31
3:30 PM: Final 3 rd Place
6:30 PM: Final 1 st Place

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